ATV Adventures

Drive towards Panorama Mountain for some absolutely breathtaking views with Toby Creek Adventures. Driving on an ATV is an incredible and exhilarating experience that is nothing short of amazing. The guides are experts in their field and will spend as much time as necessary to make sure that everyone has a safe and exciting trip. You will leave your ATV tour with memories that will last a lifetime; whether you are a group of friends, family or corporate retreat, ATVing is sure to be a hit with the whole group.

With a variety of tour options you are sure to find the perfect trip for everyone in your group. With tours starting from two hours all the way to a full-day trip, there will be an ATV trip that fits your schedule and budget. The full-day trip even includes a BBQ (with vegetarian options available) it is a perfect way to spend your day in Panorama.

The view from the top of Panorama Mountain is unparalleled and it is unique to experience it on an ATV, you cannot get this view any other way. ATVs are the perfect balance for thrill-seekers and relaxed tour goers alike, zipping through the mountain at the speed is thrilling but knowing that you are in a safe environment with experienced guides will ease the mind.

No experience is required, even if you have never driven a vehicle the guides will show you everything you need to know. The minimum age to drive is 16 and to be a passenger is 5 years old, this is for safety reasons. ATVs are perfect for the whole family, teenagers will love the thrill of driving down a mountain and younger kids will love riding along.

Toby Creek Adventures offers ATV rentals for experienced riders who are self-sufficient and are comfortable enough to ride freely down the mountain without the supervision of a guide. They also offer side by side rentals, which are ideal for families and groups.

If you are in a large group, they offer customized group tours that are the perfect addition to your vacation. Whether you go in a large group or a more personalized tour, you will have a great experience with Toby Creek Adventures. During the winter they even have snowmobile tours.

Panorama is a short 45 minute drive from Bighorn Meadows Resort; the road up to Panorama is paved and is suitable for all types of vehicles. Relax at Bighorn Meadows Resort after your ATV Adventure, book your stay now.