Valley Christmas Traditions

Just hear those sleigh bells jingle-ing, 

Ring ting tingle-ing too,

Come on, it’s lovely weather,

For a sleigh ride together with you.

Christmas Eve Sleigh Rides are becoming a new family tradition in Radium Hot Springs! This event will have the classic hot cocoa along with live music afterwards at the Horsethief Pub. From 2-8pm it will be time to giddy-yup giddy-yup and go!

What better way to begin the excitement and magic of this time of year than with a horse drawn sleigh ride? Kids always get excited every time they see a horse. Actually being able to ride in a sleigh and hear that therapeutic clip clopping of the horse shoes on the ground, might just remind them the of hooves they may hear up on the roof top. Good old Saint Nick is coming with his reindeer and we need to get the whole family pumped up for the big day! Make sure to pre-register your sleigh ride with our Bighorn Meadows Resort team and check out our other fun-filled holiday events here.

Not quite a family yet? Bring your significant other out for a romantic stroll under the tall snow covered trees. Even if your cheeks get nice and rosy you can be comfy and cozy in the back of the sleigh with the warm blankets they provide. Get all snuggled up together and enjoy holding their hand as you glide along a wintry fairy land.

Not only is Radium Hot Springs Fire Department hosting the Christmas Eve Sleigh Rides but they are also putting an event on December 16th which is a Children’s Christmas Party. Don’t let your kids feel left out with all of the adult only events that will be coming up around New Years and have a night just for them to make some new friends and memories at their very own party.

There are tons of great events going on in the Columbia Valley this Christmas. Head on a short journey over to Invermere and enjoy learning how to partake in one of our nations favourite sports, curling! They also have indoor walking, pickle ball and tons of game and trivia nights if you are looking for some indoor fun to escape the cold winter.

The Edgewater Christmas Eve Service will also be taking place on the 24th at 8pm everyone is welcome to join. Midnight mass is a common tradition, some people go to service every year, some every week and some for their first time at midnight mass. Feel free to visit and see if the choir and carols call to you.

Warm up after a long day frolicking out in the snow and find your comfort in a suite at Bighorn Meadows Resort, the perfect place to unwind in the Columbia Valley. Book your stay today.

Come on, it’s lovely weather for a sleigh ride together with you.