Coffee Lovers Unite!

There are many people who cannot wake up in the morning without a nice hot cup of coffee. Some may say it’s the force of habit, the stimulation or the culture around the beverage. Whether it be caffeinated or decaf they both have antioxidants that help reduce inflammation and assist your cells in regeneration. Over the years there have been countless studies to try and settle the debate of just how beneficial coffee can be for you and what its ideal dosage is. There is a certain cutting edge you have when you are aware and focused rather than continuing on in a drowsy state.

Coffee is one of the most popular drinks, so widely consumed, that roughly 2 billion cups on average are brewed a day. This mild stimulant is consumed in cultures all over the world. It wouldn’t be a stretch to say for some people, it’s also a way of life. People for generations have been using this inviting drink to bring people together. And we all can attest to how a warm cup of joe can be a great welcoming gesture.

For those Java lovers out there, we have the perfect event for you. It’s time to celebrate caffeine with some coffee-holics!

From March 1st-3rd, join us for Invermere Coffee Fest! The aroma of freshly ground coffee beans will fill the air, and bouquet of exotic teas will entice even the most loyal earl grey fans. People from all over will join to teach, learn and share the love of this incredible bean. There is a coffee and tea expo and various event’s that will incorporate the tea drink as well.

Each day there is a different workshop and multiple opportunities to try new and exciting things. Tours are already starting to sell out so please make your way to the website and sign up for a fun package, or multiple, right away. You could learn about brewing with Jeremy from Monogram Coffee, who just so happens to be an expert coffee maker. Put your coffee knowledge to the test with blind taste tests and see if your pallet really is ready to compete with the veterans. A 3-course coffee and tea inspired dinner will be offered with complimenting flavours that will be sure you have your taste buds on a roller coaster ride. Design and paint your own funky tea pot and coffee pot paintings that would make the perfect decor addition for your kitchen! Also, Barista classes and tasting workshops will be offered for you to master your very own skills of the brew-craft.

A special deal is being offered to those customers that book their stay between February 27-March 7th at Bighorn Meadows Resort! All you have to do is mention “CoffeeFest” and you will get 20% off your accommodations (minimum 2 nights). Our Resort is located in the heart of the Columbia Valley and the perfect place to unwind after the fest, and have a great night sleep!

Book your stay today, these savings will not be offered for very long!