Experience the Arts

Nothing brings people together more than the love of the arts! This spring/summer enjoy the many colours of the Columbia Valley.

Starting March 25th, Every Monday at 7 pm the Pynelogs Cultural Centre will be hosting the weekly drum circles. BYOD (bring your own drum) and Patrick will lead the way. It is an incredible experience to hear everyone start by practicing on their individual drums and everyone syncs up they starts beating together as one.

Thursday March 28th the Slocan Ramblers are playing a unique blend of bluegrass. They sing about the Mighty Hard Road that is ahead of us and how difficult it is to initially leave home but the many rewards that come along with it. Something we can all relate too. “Every few years a new generation of bluegrass players seems to be spawned from the hipster streets of Toronto. Enter the Slocan Ramblers, one of the hottest young bluegrass bands I’ve heard for ages. […] It’s hard to single any of them out, they all play so darned smooth and make it sound so easy.”– Penguin Eggs Magazine. This is a show that will bring back your bluegrass routes, it is a must see!

There is something fun and exciting happening every night of the week here in the Columbia Valley. One of the locals favourite events is the first Friday of each month there is a Youth Open Mic Night! Listen to emerging performers as they perhaps muster up the courage to play for the first time or pour their heart out on a stage they have graced many times. Best thing is that this event is by donation so give what you can or as much as you want when you see how great the performances are.

Cinefest is happening again at Pynelogs Cultural Centre and that means incredible and inspirational indy films.  April 9th they will be playing a movie called “Heart Beat Loud.” A quote by Peter Travers from the Rolling Stone says “Music is the tie that binds a Brooklyn father and his daughter in a film that refuses to go sappy on us thanks to the tough core of intelligence and wit that Nick Offerman brings to the party.” It is hard to top anything said by the Rolling Stone but if there is one thing we can take from the quote it’s to go see this movie.

Whether it is amateur or professional performances, the Columbia Valley has some top quality talent just waiting to be discovered. Make sure you experience the drum circle at least once, it will be a very memorable night. Open your mind and let your imagination run wild experiencing the arts in the Columbia Valley.

If you are looking to enjoy these amazing arts & events, the best place to stay when you are in town is at our Resort (Bighorn Meadows Resort), located in the heart of the Columbia Valley.