Healing Hot Springs

Over the generations people have been using mineral rich baths to heal ailments and now we have discovered there truly is a science to this method of treatment. Scientists from all around the world study “balneology” which means the “treatment of disease by bathing.”

Similar to when someone is really sore after a long workout, we know that it is a good idea to take a hot bath with epson salts. Which is basically Magnesium and Sulfate in a crystallized form that we commonly dissolve in our baths.

The hot spring’s minerals are calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron, bicarbonates, sulphur, chlorides, silica, lithium and boron. Each one of these have beneficial effects to the human body, but there are two minerals that are common in both forms of soaking; Magnesium and Sulfur.

Sulfur being the third most abundant mineral found in the human body, and is present in all living tissues. It has antibacterial effects against irritants that can help prevent acne. It also helps with rosacea, shortness of breath, allergies, pharyngitis, and potentially the common cold.

hot springsMagnesium is vital for hundreds of enzymes to properly function in the body. This helps with calcium absorption, which is also found in high quantities in hot springs and the combination of the two minerals is very important for maintaining bone health. More exposure to magnesium can help with insulin sensitivity and decrease the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. It can also relieve premenstrual symptoms, migraine headaches, body aches and improve your heart health.

The combination of these minerals and many others are the reason why so many people from all around the world have turned to Mother Nature’s pools for their healing. Not only do these minerals relax the muscles and reduce inflammation, but they also can relieve you of anxiety.

Along with reducing your stress and anxiety your body temperature rises in the bath and cools when you exit so it can help you relax and fall into a much deeper sleep. Many of us suffer with insomnia or inconsistent sleep patterns so a trip to the springs might be just what your body needs.

In North America, Lakotas named their waters “Wakan Tanka” or “Great Mystery”. The Salinan Indians from Paso Robles called them “Heaven’s Spot” for their health benefits. The springs have been considered a sacred place for many people and many cultures across the globe.

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Photos courtesy of Tourism Radium Hot Springs