Make This Mother’s Day Special

There is a certain bond that can’t be broken. It is present even before the moment you are born. The deepest connection in life. That bond is the love shared between a mother and her child.

Your mom probably taught you how to tie your shoes, cheered you on at the sidelines and helped you ace school projects. The number of hours she has spent worrying about if you were okay is longer than the airtime Friends has had. She is your rock and will always be your biggest fan.

It’s time to show her the love and appreciation she deserves this year with a gift that will last a lifetime. A road trip to Radium will be super memorable, as there are countless breathtaking views along the open road that brings you to the Columbia Valley. Which not to mention is bountiful with trees, rivers, and wildlife.

The final day for Wings Over the Rockies is this Mother’s Day so if you can get out and explore with her, she is sure to love bird watching with you. Your mom might even be the reason that you are the really active outdoorsy type, in that case why not take her for a hike? The trails are intertwined and never-ending, they will lead you through creeks and meadows, to clearings in the trees, but there is no better view than that of the one you find standing on the top of the mountain.

Some moms don’t want to hike to the top of a mountain for a nice view or picture… And that’s okay! There are hot springs to soak in, many restaurants to enjoy, and unique artisan shops to admire eclectic items or buy her a souvenir so she can be reminded of this trip and the journey you took together.

Bighorn Meadows Resort is the best place to stay because it’s located in the heart of the Columbia Valley. It borders the Springs Golf Course so every day you get to wake up to the view of the wide open green with the mountains as it’s backdrop.

Book your stay today, the trip of a lifetime awaits for you and for Mom!