Mountain Biking in the Valley

There are many emotions that come to mind when one may think of mountain bike riding. Scary, exhilarating, dangerous, fun, but most of all memorable. Well they are all correct but there’s no need to be scared or ride in a dangerous manner. There are local riders that can give you tips and a huge community of experts who can show you the ropes so you are set up for the perfect ride every time!

Mountain bike riding in the Columbia Valley has never been better than it is today. The trails carved in the Columbia Mountains are catered to satiate every riders desires. From the flow of a smooth single track to steep rough downhills and even challenging climbs. The Columbia Valley Cycling Society is a non-profit organization that advocates for the trails and has built up a strong community of involved individuals who want to keep improving the trail conditions every possible way.

April 28th is the annual gear swap so if you want to change up your style of gloves or learn more about what products are working for other riders be sure to join the Columbia Valley Cycling Society. It is a great way to connect with the community of mountain bike riders. This season you could add more gear heads to your crew, it’s always more safe and way more fun to share the experience with someone else.

Due to the conditions and amount of paths that have been carved in the many mountains and meadows of the Columbia Valley it’s ideal for riders. Explore, experience the rush as you weave in and out of the trees. But most of all have fun and be safe this season!

Bighorn Meadows Resort is the perfect place to unwind after an intense days ride. Set this magnificent resort as your home base when trail blazing and feel free to ask any of our experienced staff which trails they prefer or what restaurants are best in town, they will always steer you in the right direction. Book your stay today and experience the many trails tomorrow.

(To find the best trail for you, check out and map out your routes!)