Snowmobile Season is Coming!

There are many fun activities to try out this winter season but one trumps all! Snowmobiling allows you the freedom of exploring even the toughest of terrains on a machine that will take you beyond your limits. Imagine feeling the light vibrations of the engine surge through your body while you glide along an endless amount of fresh powder.

If you did not get the chance to tow your snowmobile behind you or ship it in for this vacation, then we know a great solution. Toby Creek Adventures is your one stop shop for rentals and tours. The tours are geared towards intermediate to advanced riders but can be customizable for the group and individual needs. They know every nook and cranny of the Columbia Valley, great places for boon-docking and which mountains to climb. If you are looking for a safe yet exhilarating experience, this is the company that best guides you on the snowy slopes. These guys can be quite the daredevils, in a controlled manor of course. So strap on your helmets, sign your waivers and get carving those beautiful beasts of machinery!

You can also rent from them and not have to take a guided tour. Take your buddies out for a spin in the Columbia Valley, there are long stretches of land that you can zoom over, steep slopes to challenge the machine and climb. Or if you just want to lean back and forth making s-trails behind you feel free to just goof off. Allowing yourself to have as much fun as sledding when you were a child. Except this time the sled has a motor and your little bunny hill is a mountain that once you reach the top allows you to see as far as the eyes ability will let you. This is what you dreamed of experiencing when you were a kid and now you can really enjoy yourself.

There is an interactive trail map from BC Ministry of Tourism, Culture and the Arts; which is a great place to get started. Always map out where you intend to explore and let someone who isn’t in the group of thrill seekers know where you plan on going. Some of our most popular trails are Brewer Creek, Forster Creek Cabin, Rocky Point and Silent Pass. Feel free to venture through these or explore some more and find your own favorites. Your powder-filled playground awaits!

Discover untouched snow and leave your mark this winter in Radium. Bighorn Meadows Resort is the perfect place to unwind after a long day of adventure. Come visit this winter and see why people call the Columbia Valley one of the best places to snowmobile. Contact us today to reserve your snowmobiling accommodations!