Snowshoeing in the Valley

Unlike other winter sports snowshoeing is easy to learn and a very affordable hobby.

The unique design of the snowshoe allows you to basically float on top of the snow rather than your foot submerging right in like the result of most boots. You can snowshoe nearly anywhere that has snow from a level ground to mountain terrain.

What to bring?

  • Waterproof jacket
  • Warm waterproof boots that sit high enough up your calf to prevent snow from getting in
  • Waterproof pants to go over your boots
  • Extra layers underneath
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Poles
  • Backpack with an extra change of clothing in it, another warm jacket or sweater
  • Any emergency supplies including a satellite radio, first aid kid and emergency food and water supply.

Top quality boots are a must! You do not want to be walking around with slushy feet. It is important to keep them dry and warm so you can explore all day long.

Why sunscreen and sunglasses you ask? The snow is a highly reflective surface that can appear to be blinding from the sun. It’s important to wear something to protect your delicate eyes as well as prevent sunburn.

Great poles to use for snow showing are just adjustable ski poles. They help you keep your balance and stability; they also help you bring yourself up steep slopes and control your descent downhill. Telescoping poles with large snow baskets are the best option if you have them, otherwise any skill pole will do.

Now that you have everything you need in your backpack, let’s learn how to properly put on the shoes. First you place the balls of your feet over the top of the hinges. Next you tighten the front strap, then the heel strap and finally the instep strap. If you do not tighten the strap in this order then the shoe may not sit right and make for an uncomfortable trip.

When you walk on the snow just treat your snowshoes like regular shoes, with an additional spiked toe feature that can help you climb up even the steepest of inclines.

This is the ideal activity for those looking for something, fun easy and affordable to enjoy this winter. There are options to rent snowshoes or go out and purchase a pair of your very own. This way you will have to make any excuse to gear up, strap into those shoes and get trekking.

The air is brisk, and this winter is the best time to explore without sinking in the snow. Come to Radium Hot Springs and venture into the breath taking Columbia Valley. Bighorn Meadows Resort is the best place to cool off or warm up from any adventure this winter. Book your stay today!