Travel Hacks For Your Summer Vacation

We all love to travel but don’t enjoy everything we need to pack or buy before the trip. Here are some ways you can save some time, energy and money this summer vacation.


Label Your Electronics

Putting colourful tape on your charging chord or power bank can help differentiate between yours and your friends, preventing someone from taking one too many on home.

Traveling With Liquids

Always put a thin layer of saran wrap between the lid and the hole where the liquid would come out. Then screw the lid back on to seal it up. This way you will not get any unnecessary spillage while you are on the road.

Roll Your Clothing

If you don’t have very much trunk space for your upcoming road trip then instead of folding your clothing always remember to roll them. You can tightly compact each article of clothing and fit much more in than if you were to stick with the traditional folding. An added bonus is that your clothing will have less fold lines because there are less creases when you roll each article.

Alter Your Winter Wardrobe

We all have that favourite shirt or sweater that may have earned a stain or tear over the winter. Well now it’s time to up-cycle and get crafty. All you need is a pair of scissors and if you feel like cleaning up the hems a bit, a needle and thread.

T shirts make great tank tops.

Convert your jeans into cut off shorts.

You could even make a bathing suit out of a pair of tights by cutting off the legs and sewing them to the top waistband to make it into the top chest straps.

Get creative!

Goodbye Sand

Use a mesh laundry bag when you want to pack your things up from the beach and shake away any sand.

Blister hacks

If you plan to go for a lot of hikes here in the Columbia Valley, which many of our visitors do, you may be at risk for blisters. We have all felt the pain but wanted to push through it to reach the summit. Well you don’t need to come home with cut up feet. If you apply duct tape directly to the bottom of the ball of your feet and right to the back of the heel you won’t get blisters in those locations and they are the ones most prone to them.

Money Stash

This one is super important! When we are on vacation, we are visiting tons of new places and are so excited, that in the moment we sometimes misplace things. Always remember to stash your cash! Tuck it away in the soles of your shoes, in various bags, keep some in your wallet of course but always diversify your cash wad. Anytime you go to a new destination there is always a risk of you leaving something valuable somewhere and not remembering where you placed it. Also, with large crowds comes the risk of people with quick hands reaching into your pockets. It’s unheard of in Radium but it’s always a good habit to get used to when travelling.

Quick Fix

Summertime means light clothing and typically sandals or flip flops. If the plastic y-shaped strap, otherwise known as a toe thong, in your sandal slips out there is an easy way to repair it. Rather than going out and purchasing a whole new pair of shoes, go buy yourself a can of pop. Remove the tab on the top of the can and after pushing the plastic back through the hole of the sandal, feed the tab through the end of the plastic, it will act as a stopper.


Radium Hot Springs is the perfect summer destination, with an abundance of wildlife, beautiful scenery and world-renowned golf courses. Another hack, golf balls are great to use to massage the arch of your foot after a long day on the green! Book your stay at Bighorn Meadows Resort and use these travel tips this summer.