Ultimate Canadian Activity – Ice Fishing!

What is more Canadian than waking up in your igloo, drinking maple syrup for breakfast and riding your moose to work? You guessed it… Ice Fishing!

The ultimate Canadian adventure includes carving up some ice and catching a beautiful fish so big it can feed the whole family. It is a great time to spend with your friends and family telling stories and waiting for the tip to bounce. Nothing is more memorable than sharing the excitement of catching your first fish with those around you.

Imagine walking out on a field, feeling the crunch of the snow beneath your boots and finding out that you aren’t walking on a field, its a frozen lake! Swimming below you are thousands of fish.

New to the idea of ice fishing? Many people have always wanted to try it but never get around to making those dreams a reality. Reel Axe Adventures makes your dreams seem easy to obtain. They can’t guarantee you are going to get a record breaking catch but they are able to supply you with the tools to make it possible.
They rent ice fishing huts between the months of December-March and are well equipped. These heated huts can comfortably fit 6 adults and that have all the necessities. The holes are pre-drilled to save time when you arrive. Not only do you get a heated hut, it also come with: an ice scooper, pliers, fillet knife, fish thumper, either a propane heater or wood stove, and extra fuel for those heaters. Sometimes it takes hours to find the perfect catch, for most a lifetime, but the seat cushions they provide make the wait just that much more bearable. One more thing, depending on how light you travel they can also rent out the rod and tackle kit.

If you think you are a master ice fisher already and are up for the challenge, then compete with other fisherman at the 18th annual Kinsmen Fishing Derby. This annual 6 hour affair takes place on Lake Windermere near the end of January, stay tuned for the 2019 event!

Patience is a virtue worth prating this year in Radium. Enjoy a nice relaxing day on the lake ice fishing with your peers then warm up in one of Bighorn Meadows Resort’s private suites.