Slocan Ramblers – Bluegrass

March 28, 2019 @ 6:00 PM – 11:00 PM
Pynelogs Cultural Centre (Invermere)

Thurs March 28th, 2019 – Opening Act at 6 pm & Main Act at 7 pm

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The Slocans showcase their unique blend of bluegrass, old-time and folk with deep song-writing, lighting fast instrumentals and sawdust-thick vocals. This is roots music without pretension, music intended to make you feel something – say hello to your new favourite band.
“Every few years a new generation of bluegrass players seems to be spawned from the hipster streets of Toronto. Enter the Slocan Ramblers, one of the hottest young bluegrass bands I’ve heard for ages. […] It’s hard to single any of them out, they all play so darned smooth and make it sound so easy.” – Penguin Eggs Magazine

Opening Act: The Parsons
The duo doesn’t rely on heavy instrumentation to underscore the sweetness of their honey-warmed harmonies; Parsons’s skill at finger picking provides the perfect thread for Winkel’s exquisite voice to weave its way around, creating an uncomplicated but gorgeous tapestry of music.