Rainy Day Activities Itinerary


Don’t let bad weather stop you from enjoying your stay at Bighorn Meadows Resort! We have some great activities that you are sure to enjoy under any circumstance.

First, take the 30-minute drive to Spillimacheen to visit Beeland. This all natural store and art gallery will keep everyone entertained. From shopping to dining, they have it all. Their products include honey, food and skin care products, all made from pure Rocky Mountain Honey. You can take the market at your own pace to make the day as sweet as possible.

On your way back, keep going south just passed Invermere for some retro fun at Valley Alley. Bowling is sure to be a hit with the whole family, the friendly competition mixed with physical activity makes it a perfect way to burn off some energy in a fun way. Valley Alley has an ice creamery and a lounge; depending on your cravings you’re sure to find something for everyone.

As it gets later, make your way to JA Laird Elementary school in Invermere for some rock climbing. It is open Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 5-8p.m. If the weather is not ideal this is the perfect place to get a thrill.


Make your way back to Radium and take a relaxing dip at the Radium Hot Springs. It is one of British Columbia’s top natural hot springs. They are open every day and the water temperature is kept between 37ºC and 40ºC or 98ºF and 104ºF. It will be relaxing for the whole family and perfect on a rainy day.

If the weather has chased all the wildlife away, you can still see these creatures at the Radium Visitor’s Centre. The centre features information on the animals that call the Columbia Valley home including Bighorn Sheep, Deer, Elk, the occasional goat, and rarely a peacock.

Give your brain a workout with Columbia Valley Escape Rooms in Fairmont. Drive 25 minutes south to Fairmont and work as a team to get yourselves out of a locked room with time to spare. You will get an adrenaline rush that is incomparable.

The weather is unpredictable and can be frustrating at times, but you should never let it ruin your vacation. These activities will make sure that you have a great time in any weather condition.