Owner’s Corner

Resources for Owners at Bighorn Meadows Resort

Welcome to the Bighorn Meadows Resort Owner’s Corner. Find out how you can access the Owners Message Board to communicate with other owners and you’ll also find access to Owner Relations below which will give you information on the reservations in your unit.

Not an owner yet? Please contact Luxury Resorts West to find out how you can have a permanent vacation home in Radium Hot Springs, BC. 

Register for the Owners Message Board:

  1. Click the Owners Message Board button below
  2. Select Register Now
  3. Fill out the information form and submit it
  4. Once we confirm your identity, you will receive your password by email

If you are already registered please click the link below to be taken to the site:

Register for the Owner Relations Site

  1. Please e-mail [email protected] to obtain your username and password.

If you have your username and password, click the link below to be taken to the site. Please note, you must be an owner of Bighorn Meadows Resort to get access to these sites.