3 Best Places to See the Fall Colours in the Columbia Valley

September 8, 2022

Exploring the Columbia Valley during the fall brings a number of perks. You’ll enjoy memorable adventures, with plenty of room to roam, and picturesque mountain scenery bursting with beauty for its last grand finale.

Larch trees that usually blend in with their neighbors suddenly stand out, as their needles turn a brilliant golden hue before eventually shedding their pines for the winter. There are only a few weeks of the year to soak in one of nature’s more unique displays.

3 Places to See the Fall Colors in the Columbia Valley


Located on the traditional territory of the Ktunaxa Nation, Jumbo Pass is a spectacular hike that can be down from May to October and offers you beautiful wildflower fields in summer and kaleidoscope larch trees in autumn. This fall hike is the perfect moderate activity that offers you the most amazing views.
Difficulty: Medium
Distance: 10.7 km



Brewer Creek is a hike that you will want to do more than once. This is a great all-year hike but during fall this hike really shines, almost literally in fact. A steady but gradual incline through the trees allows ample time to forest bathe amongst the larches. Your efforts will be rewarded by views of the radiant and colorful larch trees, which in late September are the perfect hues of gold and orange.
Difficulty: Medium
Distance: 11.5 km

Image Courtesy of Playwest Mountain Experience
Image Courtesy of Playwest Mountain Experience


Toby Creek Adventures offers guided ATV tours to the area’s spectacular golden alpine larch trees with their Paradise Larch Tour. After a breathtaking scenic ride up the mountain, you can experience a unique larch adventure as you travel through the golden forest using the ATV or SXS trail network.

Image Courtesy of Toby Creek Adventures
Image Courtesy of Toby Creek Adventures

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