Craft Beer & Cocktails in the Columbia Valley

You don’t have to travel far to find a perfectly balanced Pilsner, hoppy IPA or crafted cocktail. Expand your horizons and enjoy an afternoon exploring microbreweries and a distillery in the beautiful Columbia Valley.

Radium Brewery

Established in 2020, Radium Brewing is situated in the small village of Radium Hot Springs, B.C. This environmentally progressive brewery that is based in a net-zero building with solar panels on the roof and a brewing system that stores and reuses heat from one batch to the next. Eventually they hope to expand their solar system to the point where the beer can be brewed using nothing but solar power. It is the perfect location for our family run nano brewery.

If you’re heading to Radium Brewering, you should try:

  • Carver’s Kolsh | 5% | 27 IBU | Ale
    This Kolsch is a dry, easy drinking beer with a slight malt flavour finish, it is inspired by the carvings of a local legend, this one holds a little bit of magic!
  • Mad Angler IPA | 6% | 61 IBU | Ale
    Made with hops, this unfiltered IPA is balanced blend of rich malt and citrusy, spicy flavours. A wicked and complex full-bodied ale that leaves you lusting for more.
  • Steamboat Stout | 4% | 34 IBU | Ale
    This full body stout offers robust flavours and is one of our local favourites!
Image Courtesy of Radium Brewing
Image Courtesy of Radium Brewing


Arrowhead Brewing Company opened in October of 2012. Since then, Arrowhead has been consistently brewing a variety of ales, starting out with just two styles. These days there are six permanent beers available, as well as three to five seasonal varieties. Arrowhead’s goal is to change the way people view and drink beer; valuing quality and experimenting with different styles. We want to ignite passion in beer drinkers for craft beer and to cultivate a palate for a wide variety of beers.

If you’re heading to Arrowhead Brewing, you should try:

  • Likeable Lager | 4.5% | Ale
    A re-tooled version of this lager that was released a few years ago. It’s back, but with a cleaner and crisper flavour. Very easy to drink!
  • Blonde Bombshell | 4.8% | Ale
    This light-coloured ale has an almost Kölsch-like finish from the German hops, and is moderately carbonated.
  • Honey Brown Ale | 5% | Ale
    Original 83 Honey Ale is a subtle honey brown ale with a lightly malted flavour and a touch of sweetness. 83 is dark amber in colour, with an ivory head. The honey is locally sourced from bees on the property.
Image Courtesy of Arrowhead Brewing
Image Courtesy of Arrowhead Brewing


They say it on every bottle and it is the philosophy they live by. Taynton Bay Spirits was started by a group of friends who enjoy sharing good times, good drinks and lots of laughs! What they produce is exceptionally smooth without any pretension because they subscribe to the “keep it simple” philosophy. Join them at their distillery under the Station Neighbourhood Pub at Kinsmen Beach in Invermere.

If you’re heading to Taynton Bay Spirits, you should try:

  • Ginger Matcha Tea Infused Cocktail| 14% alc/vol
    Lightly spicy, refreshing, and ready to pour! The Ginger Matcha is infused with Taynton Bay’s award-winning Vodka and loose leaf teas from Naked Leaf to create a premium cocktail.
  • Raspberry Vodka | 43% alc/vol
    This combination of raspberries infused with vodka will add a fruity flavour to your summer cocktail.  Flavoured and coloured with purely raspberries, there is nothing artificial about this amazing spirit. Raspberry Vodka and soda makes the perfect sugar free, delicious cocktail.
Image Courtesy of Taynton Bay Distillery
Image Courtesy of Taynton Bay Distillery

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